HELP your kids with Math using YouTube Video ….

To be honest, I am not a math wizard! Math is the worse subject I ever take in my school time. I always close to fail when come to Math. Extra classes and other helps that my parents tried to give me, did not success at all. I even extend my college graduation time cause I am stuck with my Math, that was the worst i have to pay 2 summers holiday classes to cover my math. I finally graduated with close to an F mark. well at least i completed that!

When i grow up I realized most of my friends who do well in school are strong with Math. I analyze their growing up and their school time, and true enough, math is in good term with them. Even Jasmine told me … Math help you with Logic, and Logic is indeed the mother of all knowledge including science. Therefore, in my heart i had said …. I have to LOVE Math no matter what, even I am in my 40’s now. If i have to, i will dig out Math, make it FUN for me first before I can HELP my daughter with math. I told my daughter …. “You got to LOVE Math no matter what! Make math your best friend and you will LOVE anything you learn in LIFE” i keep telling her that and again I always TAKE my own self experience as her life lesson.

Yes! It is not easy to deal with Math …. kids tumble cause learning to grab the logic can be hard at times. BUT ….. OMG! with all these social media technology, kids can do much better with their understanding in Math. THere are so much video out there that can actually help kids with their learning. Be it English, Math, Piano, Science, History, Universe …. you name it all.

The only thing! we as parent, we need to invest our time, browsing the net for the right reason, collecting the site and organize our finding. So when the time of sharing with your kids is due, all are nicely presented to them in order. and learning can be so much fun.

here what i do :

Recently i have been giving my daughter extra assessments which are tests from other primary school in Singapore. Some came from branded school such as Rulang, Raffles Girl Primary School. Tao Nan, Rosyt, Mahabothi etc. These test are their end of term test or final examination from last year or 2 years ago. Everyday my daughter spend about 3 hours to study before she goes to sleep. This includes her school homework time, piano practice, kumon’s work and spelling practice. At times she can complete all these much earlier and she has spare time. When she has spare time I give her these assessment. I try to introduce her other school test format and material, so far she enjoys it. She always excited to see what other schools are doing. And she looks forward for her mark at the end of the exercise.

From few exercise i had done with her I can see some consistent pattern on which area of Math she is lacking at. And that becomes my homework, I need to help her with what the best I can do to help her improve on that area. I can see that Patterning is one of the challenge for my daughter at the moment. and ME … being a big failure in Math during my school time, I hold my tongue, i told her I will come back to her to explain what is patterning so she can relate to daily life.

And can you guess what I do to solve this matter at least for the moment! I go BROWSING ……:p

I go up and down google as well as YouTube. And i found YouTube has so much materials that I can share with my daughter. I even organize my YouTube channel for this. I create a playlist for Patterning Subject. You are welcome to check my channel if you think my list would be in good benefit for you to help your child with math.

And these are the things I found from YouTube that can help me explain what is patterning all about to my daughter. With all these video the kids are not just learning the concept of pattern, but they can relate pattern to daily life, things around them. furthermore the presentation of the video make it fun, beautiful to watch and inspiring. If you have time … have fun clicking them. And Have a great day ALL! CHeers.

I Introduce the concept with this video

This video help her relate the subject to life

deeper understanding of pattern, might be boring to listen but very INFORMATIVE

Fibonnaci/ Fractal/ Pattern in our daily LIFE introduction

Amazing pictures to relate Pattern with daily life

Drawing tree using pattern in computer program, Interesting! My daughter LOVE drawing!

Another 3D animation of drawing tree using pattern

Another beautiful collection of pattern in pictures

Relate Music to Pattern! Amazing