It’s about the Character to lead this ROaring Lion – BG Tan Chuan Jin

I am not PAP, I don’t even have the right to vote since I am holding blue IC. But I hold Singapore dearly, this is the nation that my daughter will have to care when she grow up one day. She has to learn to be a responsible citizen and giving back what she had earned from this nation to the society. Singapore is not just a home for her, this is her future as well as many more of her generations to come.

The nation will stop progressing when there is no helping hands around. We should also thank all the immigrant who sincerely place their home here and help the nation to progress. It is not just from the tax contribution they are paying, but other investments that they might contribute here to the society. I know some of them are sincerely appreciate what they have taken out from this little Island, and no doubt there are few others that are not happy or keep complaining with what is happening here in Singapore. But in all … we should be grateful to have them around and work hand in hand to develop further this nation. I am part of the immigrant myself, and I do my own part of contribution by taking up the responsibility to raise one dear Singaporean daughter. It might be intangible, but I hope it will be valuable one day for the nation.

I am glad to have connected with some Singaporeans through my facebook and twitter, they are indeed giving me another dimension of seeing Singapore. Their input has really put Singapore into the right perspective for someone who was not born here and just spend 11 years here. I see a different way of seeing SIngapore as society in all. I admire their intellectual input and voice for the better of Singapore. To have a strong constructive opinion about life in general is important, otherwise we are just moving like Robot without any living soul inside. An active mind indeed bring positive input to life.

my take on this, which i wrote on my Facebook wall this early morning :

“SIngapore needs to progress from the INSIDE {the mind}, not just the outside/exterior. and that is how we progress”

Finally, Let’s wish the BEST outcome from Singapore GEneral Election in 2011. WE wish for the best for these nations and the future of our children …… May Singapore continue to progress not just for the next 5 consecutive years to come but many many more years and generations to come.

And i really would love to introduce BG Tan Chuan Jin on this post. I hear a lot about him from my husband. My husband said : “Brain is one thing, But Character plays more important part”, that is what my husband said when I asked my husband about BG Tan CHuan Jin :)