My simple tips!

When you look at the picture above you will realize what a tremendous effort to put in order to success an exam. This is all good for tips and things that I can consider and pick and choose to use to help my daughter with her study.

She is only Primary 1, school life is still so much easy for her compare to all other friends from higher primary level. Some said, the real stress will come when they hit Primary 3 or 4. It is a mix feeling for me, but I am looking forward for those years to share with my daughter. It is always interesting to find out what are the challenges you might face later and try to innovate ways to overcome the trouble that might fall onto my lap. Therefore I always enjoy meaningful discussion with others mom who have success stories of their kids, especially those from the higher primary school level. Their input and tips are indeed valuable for me, and I could not thank more to them.

Honestly, if you happened to follow my blog post quite frequently you will realize that I have been struggling to find ways to help my daughter with her work in school. I browse, read books and talk to other parents on how to help our child reduce the *careless mistakes*. Some said, let it be … it’s their age { they might be right, but i still think i can not just give up just like that}. The kumon teacher asked me to carefully check her work, and ask her to redo her entire work if there is mistake found on the work {this is the hardest recipe, it is very painful for both of us, me and my daughter. we tried it once and i feel bad for my daughter}. i talk to friends and browse … some said maybe they are too tired, some said it is a brain structure things {scared me like hell here!LOL}, some said maybe low nutrition {LOL, yeah it is probably right} etc etc etc.

Finally I come to conclusion, it is a part of growing up and learning process. She will learn what is mistake and pick up the skill to correct it along the way. It is a part of understanding herself and what is work ethic all about. So I end up doing a lot of coaching to her, discuss with her what is *careless mistake* all about and what are the effect out of it for herself and other. I give her example of some professions out there that can danger human life because of being careless. And as she will normally does, she shot me back with her own questions to me ” what are things that teacher might harm us?”, “how about if this person is a very nice person, very helpful and loved by many BUT this person keep making careless mistakes, what happened to this person?” and bla bla bla that cracked me out to find the wise answer for them. Some of the answer stop after i gave her answer and some just continue and getting big and lead to other questions ….. geeeeeee* LOL

anyway! i finally deeply think this *3 simple steps* HELPs her with her so called *Final Math* exam for her term1. WHat i actually do are the following:

i told her when she finished her work she MUST do these 3 steps religiously, and to keep continue doing so until she feels very confident of it.

1. look up to the window and pray silently {we are muslim, so i introduce her the short surah of Al’Fatihah}
2. take a deep breath and bring back her focus to her exam paper
3. check her work one more time, moving her finger along the exam paper and check and check. If she still feels things are still NOT right, repeat point 1,2 and 3 again and again

So … for the past 3 days before the exam day, i ask her to keep reciting these steps for me. I don’t bombard her with material to do, because I know, it is not understanding that make the source of her Math problem but carelessness.

So, yesterday, when we went to her school for the parent teacher meeting. The first thing she asked us when she saw both of us in her school.

“do you know what is my match score?” ask her with plain face not even a smile …. my heart pump hard LOL and i said
“B???” I smile and answer
“you have to wait my teacher will tell you herself!” she said again short and simple with a slight smile on her face
“Don’t worry, It’s okay … we can do better next time and we still love and proud of you!”

and when we sit in front of her teacher desk, the teacher ask me the same question as her again, she knows very well my concern about my daughter careless mistakes in school. Oh Gosh! i said … not again! then i said to her …

“Full Mark?” i ask with hope and concern
“Do you think so?” ask her even more serious
“Not really, i tried hard to help her with that until finally i come with simple way to do it …bla ..bla…bla” i explained to her what my last resource

and sudenly the teacher eyes open BIG and spark

“That probably really work well for her! Cause she got her FULL MARK! i quickly check her work today so I can show parents!”
“What ….” I was so shock, happy and all the feeling and quickly look at her and give her a big hug.
“I did what you said mummy …..I did those 3 steps” she said with confident

all of us feel so happy and the teacher continues to give us feedback about her feedback. In general all are good and we are so happy with her achievement in school. And it is great to find out that she actually put so much effort on do good on other area as well like leadership, sharing with friends, helping friends and leading by example. she deserve a BIG HUG from both of US!

so anyway it is all good for the 1st term … there is another term to tackle before Primary 2 and then P3,P4,P5,P6 and PSLE … it is definitely still a long way to go, COMPLACENT is not a wise word to take up these challenges … but embrace it with smile and confident is definitely the WAY to go.