bringing Photography to the next level!

this is all started with my friend dydy, click here, she was posting few of her works from her instagram one of the free application from Iphone. When i looked at them, they are very cool and it is amazing that you can produce such qualities out of a handphone.

Since my mobile phone contract is expired, instead of continuing with Android, i decided to pick up Iphone4 instead. And ….here you go, within a day I converted myself into an Apple Fanboy within the second! …. but i still LOVE droid, they are still cool. The only different way, Apple find a cool way to connect within their user with this one best apps INSTAGRAM.

just in case you want to know why this apps was created check out this video …

This is my 2nd week with Iphone and trust me i have been snapping and snapping using my Iphone and work on it a little bit with different layers of application from my Iphone and shoot it out from Instagram for other people to see.

It is quite a fun thing to do really! you got a chance to see other’s people work and hit the like button or even put your comment on it, as well as sharing yours at the same tokens. You can even create the amazing #hastag to actually group your work into certain sorting pool. like mine i always use #sgig, #singapore, #refinehere #iphoneography …. so when people use search based on that hastag they will find my pictures there. Some of the photo editing on Iphone are FREE and SOme are not, the most expensive one can cost you to USD $2.99 each apps. So be wise with what you are purchasing. Some apps are very user friendly and some are just simply not. My advise is communicate with the other users, ask them and get tips from them.

These are some of my works from Instagram, click here for my snapblogging in Thumblr. So far I am using Photoshake, CPPro, ColorSplash, PhotoStudio, PS Express and Noir for my additional applications ontop Instagram to work with on my Iphone.

Just in case you wonder how this application is actually work on Iphone, check out this video.

so, Instagram is a social network using photography as the media but this is only available for Iphone and Ipad.