The Distortion of Direct School Admission (via The Thinking Fish Tank)

Some parents are over doing it! They bring the stress for the child to the next level by making them join the competition, grading up or scaling up, performing here and there for the sake of medals, certificate etc etc to beautify the list of their DSA application.

Poor child, they are already have so much in plate for their school work and study, and they have to cope up with all these extras just for the sake of DSA.

they lost their real childhood and cramp their days with activities beyond their energy, they do not have enough rest or time to ponder and reflect their own thinking.

The Distortion of Direct School Admission It seems that the rat race in Singapore is getting from bad to worse. I thought my time was bad. As a child, I lived in the era when ‘I Not Stupid’ was screened in cinemas to bring out the stressful lives of Singaporean children. Yet, it seems, my time wasn’t too bad afterall. Times have changed. It isn’t sufficient to be academically superior … Read More

via The Thinking Fish Tank