Time for library ….


Everytime i go to the library, i always see the same kids again and again here. I am sure they are from the neighborhood since this is the nearest library from home. These kids never stop to amaze me, they will always be there sitting quitely and flip through the pages of one book to another and another until that stack of book goes off.

Sometimes i see them there for hours since me and my daughter here for hours too. They are indeed an independent reader. They choose their own book and read it by themselves. That is why i like to bring my daughter here and spend some times here to read. I know i can just borrow the book and bring it home. But i realize the condusive environment from the library will help me emphasize the love of reading.

My daughter can see examples around her who are doing the reading. And since we sit at the children section, there are many kids about her age, so she can really relate better from their example.

Off course, to dedicate one or two hours at the library can be very demanding. My daughter is still lucky cause she is just primary 1. Her subjects are still managable and less challenging, so she can afford to have extra time for this on top of her extra classes.

When her school start to demand more time fro her be it from her school project, exams etc, msybe that will be the time i have to give a deep consideration about her extra class. I do not believe i tuition honestly! I rather give my daughter the extra class that enrich her exposure on other things and hobby. But this is too early to say, i don’t know how is the real challenge out there after primary 3.

But one thing for sure this RITUAL of going and spend sometimes at the library to read SHOULD not be neglected. I have to incalculate this into her schedule and time table. I should not remove this ritual for the sake of other extra activities outside school. She enjoys reading so far and i hope it continues.

So far she still going for books about history, mythology, religion and animals as her preference. I give her freedom to choose her own books in library, this is her leisure why should i overwrite her appetite. I even have an occasion where she pick up Holly Bibble to bring home to read.

Well this is just my musing! i am not sure if you have the same experience as mine where your kids just love spending their time reading at the library. Cheers!