Great Company …..


A daughter is indeed a blessing, every moment i never feel lonely anymore cause i know i have her right beside me. It is indeed a true best friend i can ever have. She is honest with her comment and i know all she does for me cause she loves me.

At times it can be very hard to understand her, some said put 2 women together and you will have the best drama in life. It’s true … We argue a lot at times, we criticize each other, we just disagree at things and sometimes i wonder she is just 7 years old, how would it be when she is 17.

But then again …. I don’t complain about it, is part and puzzle to have someone i call my very best friend. I spend days to understand her, to fall in love with her, to be proud with what she had a achieved, and never stop to wish her well all the times within my praying.

We talk a lot about so many things! Sometimes i see wisdom coming through her mind that spark peace to myself. Her naive toward life just never stop amaze me … Her pure consideration toward other that beautify each steps i take as a mother for her.

The life just become so precious since i have her, is full of aspiration that motivate me to do better each day. Sudenly i too hunger to learn about life along with her. She makes me so much younger, her laughter and questions about life make me realize the GREATEST thing about life it self. I am able to see a different side of life, where hope, wish and dream is make to possible.

Maybe that is why the said …. Children are from heaven!

I had enjoyed our 3 days together since school holiday starts. She is 7, our conversation is so much more interesting and aspiring …. Sometimes i felt, right in front of my eyes i see a young lady sitting down zipping her hot cocoa and said ….

“mum, i told you life is so great after all! And thank you for bringing me here ….”

Happy holiday all!