preparing for piano exam

There is no secret most parents in Singapore who send their kids for piano lesson would want their kids to go for the piano exam at the end of the day. the most recognize piano exam organizer is ABRSM. Not only the exam give a sense of knowing which level of capabilities that our kids had achieved on their piano lesson it will also help the kids for their school acceptance process as well. many good schools in singapore are looking at the piano examination achievement during the acceptance process.

since my daughter had been doing her piano lesson since she was 3 years old, we too are aiming for a proper examination process on her piano lesson as well. currently i am working with her piano teacher to prepare her for the next ABRSM examination for both theori and practice. and i am going to tell you the struggle here …. {as usual}.

i used to be able to help her with her piano lesson, i can read notes well not too well. i did take piano lesson long time back when i was 12 years old but i gave it up once the examination flag was on the way. the pieces are just too difficult to play and i was lacking of motivation so … easy i just gave it up and never turn my back again to piano despite the effort that my parent bought a piano for me. at the end they resold the piano cause nobody ended up playing it at home.

i do not want the same mistake happened to my daughter. i know how difficult it is to read the musical note and play in on the piano. that is why some said … piano is the king/queen of musical instruments, it is not easy to master it. we need to be able to read the notes well, apply the rules, gather the mood of the music and translate it into a beautiful pieces with our fingers on those piano keys. i was 12 when i learned it and … my friend it was heavy and tough.

off course montessori believe … the earlier you introduce something to the child, the easier it is for them to absorb and learn it naturally. we started quite early when she 3 years old, but we never took it seriously. we let it easy for her and make it fun for her, believe me some parents in singapore their kids go to ABRSM exam when they are 4 … serious!!! and my daughter is going to be 7 this year and she will take her first exam next year … so we are considered quite late for some reason … :p

anyway … there is no need to regret, life moves on and we look forward always. so we commit to progress and we hope “our daughter” too.

well go back to helping her with the musical notes, honestly her pieces are getting more difficult for me to read … seriously. She is on level 3 books now and those notes are just too many to gather! lol! i used to show her how to play the pieces now … if i want to do that, i have to spend time to read the notes myself and push my self to read and play it. i might be able to do it … but it’s tough!!!

and her exam pieces are even tougher … i probably can read slowly but to pay attention to all the rules … give me a break!!! i am just too old for all of those already.

so i can understand the struggle my daughter is facing with her piano exam preparation. and this is not the only thing she has to do in her life, she school and all the other activities too. so when i talk to her i always talk about commitment and attitude toward her learning. i keep reminding her that, i told her i can not help her on reading the notes as usual and show her how to play the pieces. she has to grab it herself and do it herself, the most i can do is giving her moral support and be next to her when she practices the pieces.

she really likes it when i sit next to her and show my enthusiasm on listening to her playing the pieces. sometimes when she is comfortable with the pieces and memorize it she will ask me to take the video and upload it to my youtube. but most of the time she does not like it .. so it depend on the mood. i did not push it, it is her privacy and i have to respect it, tough i want to record it for our memory keep sake. but her trust on me is above all … so i respect her preference and decision.

so my friend …. everyday about 1 hour or so, i will be sitting next to her … doing nothing but sit and listen to her playing. tap her shoulder when she does well, hug her when she start to grumble and struggle with the pieces, coach her and talk to her why it is important to do the exam and do it well.

there is no easy way …. !!!! and we always hope and prepare for the best! cheers.