make things simple and easy!

Taken at Pasir Ris SRC Swimming Pool

i am one of those believer on this ideology, when things are getting complicated, i usually breakfree and make it easy and simple. there are so much responsibility i have to carry in life especially being a mother and groom my daughter and spend time to make sure she does fairly well in school. my energy and time is very limited, the clock ticking very fast for me, but what ever it is, i make time to catch up with my hobby, things i love to do and create. i believe creativity is a part of knowing myself better, and an emotional support as well. through my creativity i communicate with the outsiders what i feel, what i see and what my view is about life.

it is probably true, i am a solitude by nature just like a male elephant. less social and always find way to keep myself busy. I do not know why this is happening, i guess the society where i live drive the mood to this direction. in Singapore people tend to be individualist, busy and practical. even the chinese always said the words … paiseh! in other words feeling awkard or embarassed to trouble other with your own thing. people tend to be independent and do things selfishly. they do not like to trouble others as well as them do not like to be in trouble with others. and usually intense social contact will trigger all this hassle by nature.

11 years in here and working in corporate world for the first 4 years in Singapore, had thought me beautiful lesson how to survive here. i like thing simple and easy, less drama and problematic. i prefer direct way of handling things and not going around the bushes. i probably will be very direct on telling the truth.

so every day every time i encounter challenge in life, i will sit down and analyse the big picture, and make decision based on what i can afford. if i can not afford it, i rather let it go and move on … life is so precious to be petty over small things.

it’s FRIDAY and weekend tomorrow, i know next MONDAY is a brand new start for me … lighter and easier always!!!! ….. cheers everyone!