busy week for me …

17th of August is my daughter birthday! and this year is the first year of her primary school journey, but it was fasting month during her birthday so we decided to prolong her birthday after fasting month. she agreed to it after we explained to her as a moslem we have to respect the other fellow moslems who were doing their fasting during that month. Finally we agreed to extend it to 17th of September.

we decided to have it a Explorer Kids in downtown east. she invited all her classmates and few other friends. since most of them are girls we decided to stick with the guest list for girls only. we were busy preparing for the invitation cards 2 weeks ago and distributed over to her friends. i put it over there that the parent need to RSVP for me, since we need to count for every kids that will be attending the party. i need to have their name list ready and give it to explorer kids this wednesday.

we were stuck cause last week was the school holiday, not many had actually called me to RSVP. out of 30 girls only about 13 had actually came back to me to confirm that they are coming. so on sunday i did this reminder cards to send out again …. i just do not want to miss out any names and create a confusion on the day of the party.

but above all … this suppose to be a fun thing to do! we are looking forward for it and she can not wait for it either.