3000 followers in Instagram

exactly one week ago i hit the numbers of 3000 followers in instagram, and now the number is growing to 3479 as i am writing this post. i joined instagram 1 month after my birthday which is July 2011, so i am on my 3rd month with Instagram now. That is the time when hubby bought me iPhone and iPad as my birthday presents. Thank you hubby ….

on this post i want to share my personal experience with Instagram so far … you can call it as tips as well in order to grow in Instagram. first of all …. above all that matters, in my humble opinion, WE MUST LOVE what we are DOING purely in order to grow healthy in Instagram. WE must LOVE taking photo, editing it or making it pretty and share it with full heart. This is my main recipe and i keep that all the time. i believe without that Instagram can be a burden for you … you can stress out and feeling depressed and lost. So always remind yourself that … LOVE what you are DOING. this should go beyond being POPULAR, winning the CONTEST or having heavy load of followers.

now i want to share some tips that i did in Instagram since the first day i joined.

1. getting to know the application – this is my first strategy when i joined Instagram. I want to know what is this thing doing and how to make this and how to make that. I do not think about popular page nor having followers at this time. I focus myself on getting to know how the application works. I try a lot and a lot applications, i download many application free or paid from my the itune store. i learn what is editing through iphone all about. i upload many photos during this period just to see how my editing works, and building up friends here and there. i try out a lot of applications until i know what applications other uses on their picture …lol. i think this is my whole first month in Instagram i do this! applications only!

2. i start to build up friends here and there. when i do this i check popular page and people profile to see who are they are following. i start to see style! what are the style and type of pictures that stands out on popular page. and who are the people that mostly people follow and how is their style of photography. i dig in and out, that time i check a lot of picture from 2 tags #JJ and #iphonesia. during that time i found a lot of good photos and styles from there. i start to look and fine tune which style i love more and feel comfortable with. I always believe being myself and being comfortable with myself is more than anything. i start to follow some people for inspiration on style.

3. working toward popularity – during my browsing on those 2 tags, i notice #iphonesia have a big pull of personels who generate popular page on Instagram. and they are mostly Indonesian, how cool is that! when i realize that … i look at this group closely. #iphonesia is not only a hastag it is actually a group of instagramers from Indonesia. so i stay close and intact with them since i am indonesian as well. and i can tell you, what a group this is! they are amazing! one big pull of social media group that manage virtually and have a close bond that help the members to grow together. their friendship beyond doubt! it is not just about real life situation friendship, they are close as family even you never met them as person. i learn the group behaviour and habit by hanging out with them. from there i pick up my POP! pictures … start with 1 then 2 then 3 and then almost every posting goes to POP page! one keyword here, you can not fight the battle alone! you need a troop to help you and a good reliable troop to support you to win the battle. i can not stop to thank’s #iphonesia for that.

4. working toward getting the followers – being in POP page is one thing but getting numbers of followers is the other thing. i might be on the pop page a lot of times, but i am not getting people to follow me. the real questions lie on the quality of pictures you are sharing. THIS is on my humble opinion. when i am on this stage, i realize people are not just looking your individual posting anymore. they are looking at my stream as well! my collections of posts! because i do the same thing too … i look at people streams a lot of times. an interesting streams will give more inviting feeling to be explored more and vice versa. i think when we are getting people’s attention to explore our stream, the more likely we are getting the chance to be followed by them. so really at this stage! we need to work on our stream not just the individual posting.

5. based on my experience this is the milestone of numbers of followers in Instagram 100 followers, 500 followers, 1000 followers, 2000 followers, 3000 followers, 5000 followers, 8000 followers and 10,000 followers and so on ….. and it is getting slower and slower from one point to another point. it is getting hard and difficult to get followers when we are passing 3000 followers. i myself is still struggling with this. a lot of things need to be considered here. the quality of our pictures, our connections people who are we follow and following us, how big our scale is do we stay local or internationally connected, our style and trademark, our stream etc etc. it can be quite consuming at times. BUT i decided to take it easy …. this is just a hobby and fun thing for me to do. BUT i am glad i can learn something out from this social media platform too.

oh well that is my take … i always love to jolt down my take on any circumstances that come on my table, be it Facebook, twitter and now Instagram …. you might disagree with me cause we see things differently and achieve things differently. cheers all … busy morning for me need to go offline! see you ….