Learning by teaching ….

i can understand this piano ABRSM exam can be quite stresfull for her even for myself as her mother looking at the materials to be tested on the exam. she is going for grade 2 exam next year for both practical and theory. the numbers of scale she must memorize as well as playing it well with the correct movement as well as the beat, plus few more pieces of classical music that she has to memorize and play it well too.

i gave up, i can not help her anymore. my piano lesson last time can not help her far, i really have to depend on her to masterize this by herself. the most i can do is giving her mental support and press on the discipline for her to practice daily so that we can achieve the schedule by next year.

everyday we spend almost 1 and half hour practising piano, squeezing among her other things to do including homework, doing her hobby and reading before sleep. the length of piano practise become longer because of what she always LOVE to do …..

LEarning and TEAching … that what she loves to do … she will explain to me how to do certain things, she makes me like i am her student. and i have no choice but to sit there and listen to her explanation with full heart and soul. and it is really works, she will easily masterize the pieces easily, especially her scale, i am quite happy with that. she does the same thing too , for her kumon, drawing and school things.

oh well … like i always said, motherhood is not a part time job EVER … it is a full time with additional bonus, heart and mind! cheers