plan for longhaul holiday 2011

i have been assigned by hubby to study this holiday plan, from the budgeting, number of days as well as the destination spot. as always he always underlined …. smart budgeting, halal food and time constraint.

on top of all that, he also emphasize for me to start briefing miza what she must learn from the holiday. he always tell us … this is not just about holiday, this is a life learning journey as well.

he is right, sometimes we go to places just to see and come back with empty content out of the place … memory only stays on the picture we happened to take.

in order to do that … i will have to bring miza to the library and browsing for books about these places so she can have a look, read about the places, the history about it and some pictures. we are hoping, once we land our feet there, she can easily match what are the things recorded on the memory bank and match it to what she actually will see.

we can not afford to travel to one place many times in our life, it might be once in a life time experience … who knows! but for miza … she might have many more opportunities to do so, we are hoping helping to set up the right platform on travelling journey will help her appreciate places in the world more.

holiday is not just about shopping, phototaking and eating …. it is more than that!

well … wish us all the best, that we can really afford this destination for this year longhaul holiday.

morning all … happy friday!

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