invitation letter from Prime Minister’s Office

i got this letter cover with the envelope said on National Service. i was puzzled when i received this envelope, what am i got to do with national service. i thought it should be my NTUC union member replacement card for shopping at fairprice. and when i opened it, i noticed this is something more serious than just that.

this letter basically telling me to arrange my appointment to be interviewed by the consultant chosen by the prime minister office. it’s kind of survey on marriage and parenthood. it is stated there:

“The National Population and Talent Division promotes a pro family environment to support Singaporeas’ marriage and parenthood aspirations. To better understand Singaporeans’perceptions and attitudes toward getting married, having and raising children, the National Population and Talent Division {NPTD} has commisioned ML Research Consultants Pte Ltd to conduct the 2011/12 Survey on Marriage and Parenthood”.

The interview will be at my home and roughly around 30 min time. they also mentioned about the confidentiality on the survey output, and as a token appreciation i will receive a $10 NTUC FairPrice voucher.

so i am looking forward for this …. cheers!