Back to 60’s with Diana

i don’t know is it because of Instagram or It is currently in and trending that a lot of people are going back to the 60’s. all the vintage mood is back in trend. almost in all aspect of our life, give me name … fashion, photography, car or even technology. we try to bring back the mood of “love generation” feeling to the surface. oh well! i am not gonna talk about all the hip and fun of the most notorious generation … the flower generation, here!

i am just going to highlight how the analog photography is coming back to life. people start to carry all these plastic cameras everywhere with retro looking. some even goes further by having the casing with all the fun printed of hellokitty, flowers, clouds etc. and surprisingly people are start printing their photo again …. all the old films are out there in the market.

BUT don’t get me wrong, it does not kill the technology as well! i know some just hate it the fact that a lot of pictures out there on the social media are fault in existence! LOL … they complaint that the new photography style are all wrong. the colors are overcooked, the composition is out of place bla bla bla. and I AM ONE OF THE VICTIM.

i LOVE and LOVE analog period. it is cute! the colors are just amazing, i love the popping bright and vibrant colors from analog filter. off course i do not have the analog camera myself, i don’t really into the idea of having it printed and keep it somewhere. i still prefer to keep it in softcopy and print them only when necessary.

so … i JUST LOVE my iPHone and iPad, they solve the whole problems of analog photography for me. with the correct applications and editing, i can have just nice analog photo result using my iPhone or iPad.

check out some of my collections here ….

these are all edited by me with DIANA pretty camera as the base of the inspiration in term of lighting and colors.

this is how Diana looks like –

the prominent popping colors from Diana is the baby blue. in iPhone application we can definitely play with Hipstamatic or Camera+. and use all the imagination and creativity to add flare to the work and voile … the sweet, cute and funky …Diana on my iPhone camera roll!.

and this is some video of the real diana camera on action

and if you are interested to buy the analog camera in Singapore, check out this link – it’s all there. awesome blogpost for analog lovers in Singapore.