:: Living Room Make Over ::

it is time for us to change our 8 years old sofa we bought from Picket&Rail. we love these green country looking sofa, but too bad it is not in good condition anymore. we have 2 options to do, to refurnish it with new upholstery or buy a new set of sofas to replace it all at once. to refurnish it not cheap, it could end up the same cost as purchasing the new ones. so we decide to get the new sofas …. and my choice goes to IKEA.

the Ektrop white set which is machine washable is just to my liking. check out the following pictures i found from Google that give me the inspiration to remodel my living room.

oh well! i better get ready and go to check out the price and size. i need to list it down the shopping list for hubby’s approval when he comes back next week.

i miss him, we { me and miza } miss him so much, it has been close to 3 weeks now, he has been gone for his official duty.

later! happy friday all …. :-)