:: Strawberry Cooler ::

I live in a hot sunny island called Singapore. The weather can be crazy sometimes that I have to find way to ooze myself. Just like today, despite a sudden heavy rain in the late afternoon, half of the day was pretty hot.

Inspired by one of my favorite instagram user @ditut recent post of her own version of Strawberry Cooler, i gave it a try myself today. we {miza and me} love it so much. it is pretty fresh and nice to cool us down.

it is so easy to make that you will not believe it. all you need to do is fresh cut strawberry {raw} and a drink + ice cubes. the drink can be a sweet home made tea, sprite or even H2O like the one i use here. all you need to do is mix the whole thing together, and voila ….. your own home-made  :: Strawberry Cooler ::

2 thoughts on “:: Strawberry Cooler ::

  1. Salaam Refine! How are you doing?

    This looks like such a refreshing drink! And taking into consideration the hot and humid Dubai climate, I might just as well try this, inshaAllah. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Salam sis, how are you doing? it has been a while we did not catch up. i hope you and the family is in good hand. thank you for catching up here … hope to see you around within our blog posts.

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