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i guess a lot of you know by now that i just love snapping photos around. i use different media to take photos. i mostly use my iphone coz it is easy to carry around inside my pocket. sometimes i use my 14 MP canon that always sits inside my bag OR for some big project that requires more time for me to do i will use my LUMIX G2.

i just love taking photo with my iphone cause it is easy and everything is in one go. i love the instant feeling of it. i snap, i edit, i upload, i share and i get the feedback all within the same time. the whole process can take me only about 45 minuets. how amazing is that. i use Instagram for my socialmedia photo sharing on iphone. off course i link my Instagram to my twitter and facebook page as well to make the sharing bigger. share the love, share the happy things around …. and hopefully become an inspiration for others.

one of my routine post in instagram is my daily fashion/outfit. i just snap the things i wear, i edit it on my iphone and share it and get the instant feedback from my friends as well.

here are some pictures i made on my instagram.

i always collage them so my picture tell the whole story of what i am wearing for that day. and i put some words just to emphasize what i am wearing. at times i combine the picture with what ever other picture that i feel can bring out the mood of the feeling i have when i snap that picture. { i believe on instant upload, cause i don’t loose the connection with the pictures, the pictures speak more what i am feeling in that particular moment, those make it more personal }. here are another peeks of that collage i did on my iphone.

if you notice the things i MUST wear everytime i go out are:

1. very very comfortable shoes, mostly flat and leather.

2. very very XXXL bag to carry all my stuffs, not forgetting my camera and ipad – they are with me all the time.

3. jeans – anything on the top but jeans at the bottom. pants mostly i hardly wear skirt or dress. it is just very comfortable and make me easy to move around and bends around.

4. accesories – i just love big rings and bracelets or bangles. i have few collections of them in a set, so i can easily mix and match them with the outfit i wear on that day.

allrite! thank you for reading! happy Saturday all …

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