:: Time to SlowDown ::

 i am reaching to the point that i need to slow down once again and re-organize my social media life. LOL! sounds very serious right! cause it is … it can take up my times so bad if i do not manage it properly. Social Media can be very demanding and make us forget why we are there in the first place.

So! again and again, I am taking my time to re-evaluate my social media contribution to my life. I have other important priorities to run in life, this is just a part of it. I keep telling myself, social media for me is the form for my creativity to keep my mind alert, alive and active on top of running my role as a full time housewife.

I am not really a social person, i can not afford the time for that. Maybe a lot will perceive me as an introvert person, and i agree with that totally! i rather busy creating or doing something by myself … it just keep me on toes! everyone is different and we have different preference in life.

Allright back to my social media priority! Probably some of you aware i wrote on my blog last month about getting 3000 followers on my Instagram account. click here if you want to read it. and now i have about 5100 followers exactly 40 days after i wrote that post.

as I said before it is going to be tough to get to the next level which is 7000 for me. LOL! and i decided to take it slow. i want to enjoy my journey in Instagram, where I can have many beautiful inspirations from beautiful works around me. There are so many creative Instagramers out there. Their works are amazing and their ideas are endless. I really appreciate originality on the works done. That is why working on the quality is not going to be easy out there. So …. never stress myself out of it! I am taking easy … *keep telling myself that.

I used to post 12 a day, and goes down to 8 and now my most will be 4 a day. And who knows maybe one per day since now on. I even had managed to clear my Instagram posts from about 641 yesterday to 147 today. I transfer all my posts to my FLICKR so it will be easy for me to manage and for others to see.

you can click here to get to this link. i group my photos into 4 categories on my FLICKR account.

1. my best shots Instagram, which I think is good and have the most like.

2. my early days on Instagram, when i just starting and playing around with many many applications on Instagram.

3. my1stStage of Adventure on Instagram where i have more than 1000 followers

4. my2ndStage of Adventure on Instagram where i have more than 3000 followers

5. my3rdStage of Adventure on Instagram which is still on going … this is where i have more than 5000 followers

the journey is still long to go, i don’t know when i will stop but i am taking a slow walk. and i am very happy with i had achieved there. on my3rdStage i need to improve on quality, concept and ideas …. after a while a lot of things in Instagram looks the same! if the community is not doing something about it, it can dies off just like the other social media pool. the people behind it who drives the application to keep hitting the traffic and the usage. and i am part of the community too … if i am feelling it, i bet a lot are feeling the same too.

oh well! enough of my journaling today … thank you for reading my post! Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “:: Time to SlowDown ::

  1. Wow girl! I don’t know how you keep up with it all. I *must* get an instagram account. I have been so busy and have wanted to set one up for a long time now. You’ve inspired me to do so. <3

    • LOL! we always inspire each other! you inspire me always with your blog design and theme too. add me once you have it! indie is so IN now a days in instagram, you will love it.

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