:: How i am keeping up with my days! ::

 one of the thing i love to do on my free time, is jolting down my ideas on my journal or diary. sometimes those become the idea for my blog post. NOW with the new technology from iPad it make it even more easier. i can straight away post my idea into my blog without having to re-type it again. iPad helps make my blogging journey even more interesting.

 the application i use on my iPad to do my journal is aNote. click the link here. i just love this application, it is easy to carry everywhere and you can even make it very personal like changing the font type, the background, the alarm set etc etc. you can check the video of the apps review here by Elizabeth Potts Weistein.

recently Amy T Schubert had wrote a post about it too. click here if you want to read it. So if you are a blogger a type of person who loves to doodle and write down your daily plan in style, and you own iPad or iPhone you should check this apps. it is not FREE however.

oh well! Happy Deepavali for my hindu friends! Cheers everyone.

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