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one of the best thing about creativity is the endless option. as long as we can think of what we can do with what we have, the creation will just keep on pouring like rains falls from the sky. the same with the way i handle of my Instagram experience. i try to use my best creativity to create things everyday. i am very busy with my daily life, so i do not have much time to go around and snapping photos. Photowalk which is a must thing to do for the Igers is exactly out of my list. I just can not afford to do that. My free time is limited and mostly i dedicate my time for my housework, running errand and sending my daughter to her extra classes here and there almost every day. So … really … hiks* photo walk is a no no for me.

that is why if you notice most of my outdoor pictures are the places around my house. the pasir ris beach and park, the fish pond behind my house and the downtown east mall. again and again, it’s just around that area. i always think hard how to use the best out of this source everyday when i want to post pictures.

that is why i came up with the idea of doing a lot of collage on my picture. i mix and match my pictures again and again, i recycle my camera roll a lot and a lot of times. i use them again with different editing, combine them with others pictures and a lot of times i used words and stickers to add DRAMA on my pictures.

my main TOOL on doing all of this are phonto, picframe, pictory and plain white picture.

if you look at my picture above you can see some of them are repeating. that is why i collect pictures on my camera roll! once a week i visit my camera roll and sorting out pictures that look general and can be used again and again. i mostly deleted BUILDING! cause this is the one that is hard to recycle for me. I love natures, flowers and colors/patterns. these are the things that i think can be easily mix and match and make a story picture out of it. So yeah my camera roll mostly are full of these types of pictures.

don’t get me wrong i only keep no more than 250 pictures on my camera roll! i pick them selectively, i try to use minimum space on my iphone so i can run the applications faster on my phone.

these are some of my tips:

1. everytime you see something you really LIKE, LOVE, ADORE and BE HAPPY to look at it … snap it! snap them … from different angle and keep.

2. clouds, tree, flowers, beach are the best things to keep as well! spot any good opportunity to see them at best and snap it.

3. cute stuffs, like cupcakes, candies, chocolates, accesories etc { mind me i love pretty things, you can have your own preference on this } … again snap them and keep it.

4. always spend time to sort your pictures from camera roll! because when it is too big, it will take forever for you to find the RIGHT pictures to use.

5. best time to greet with collage is the activities during the day … Good Morning, Happy Lunch, Oh! it’s Sunset and Good Night! recycle your photo on camera roll with collage to do a story pictures to greet your friends on Instagram.

6. download pictures from your camera roll and keep it on your harddisk, you may want to group them by type, so you can easily transfer them to your phone again and again.

7. have fun, be confident, be yourself and keep that smile when you are creating. when you loose all of these when you are doing your picture, other can FEEL it.

Good Luck and Happy Saturday all! ……


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