:: my {Instagram} TIPS! ::

i have received so many questions on my instagram posts on how i do photo editing, some even doubt that i can do all on my iphone only. i had tried to reply them one by one, but it is getting too much for me to handle and to do, so i decide to post more tips and tutorial on how i do my pictures on instagram.

if you see the button above on the right side of my blog bar, just click it, it should be the pool of all my posts related to Instagram tips. you can just scroll down and up to find the one that fits your searching.

i will try my best to post regularly my tips and tricks on how i do photo editing using iphone camera. i will show before and after and print screen on between how i do my editing. i hope this can help some inquiries from friends on Instagram. It is a fun journey for me and i wish the same for everybody else.

when people ask me … i always keep telling them that i am not a photographer, i don’t even have a profesional DSLR camera myself. if you check my post before i list down what are the camera i am using everyday. furthermore, i make picture not just photo! for me creating pictures in instagram is like a work of art. i like to express my feeling, my emotion and my thought on the pictures. i prefer to have more emotional connection when i am displaying my work on Instagram.

we might be different, because we have our own preference in life, so if you are the same as me … you might enjoy a lot of things that i share on this blog.

well! i hope these tips i will be posting will be very helpfull out there. ENjoy the SUnday!!!