:: Playing with soft-tones and bokeh ::

these pictures are the ones that inspired me to actually write blog post on how to do these stuff using the iPhone only. i don’t call it tutorial, i call it knowledge sharing. because i, myself is still learning on instagram from others. i love to be inspired by other great Igers that i adore inside there. their originality and creativity are the things that always caught my attention first.

so this is first knowledge sharing … how to make soft-tones and bokeh …..

i told you once i play a lot with applications during my first month in Instagram. click here if you want to read that experience. i own quite numbers of applications on my iphone that help me doing the photo editing. i use them a lot and explore them until i know how they behave quite well. probably because of that, i can do an edit pretty fast, cause i know exactly which application, which filters that will give me certain impact and tones on my pictures. i used to call myself filterholics! i can use almost 8 applications just for one pictures. the better i know how the application work, the lesser i use them on my pictures. so … that’s it, know the application well will help a lot.

allright to play with soft-tones and bokeh i used the following applications a lot.

FilterMania, Meitu, Phototreats, QBro, LensLight and Cute.

the following are some print screen of the filter i use from each of these applications, if you click on the pictures it will bring you to the application store so you know which one that i actually own without having to search it by yourself.





these are QBRO, LensLight and Cute …..

check out the following before and after ….

few tips here when doing with soft-tones and bokeh …

1. always choose the soft filter to tone down the color and make it sheer and softy look

2. apply the bokeh once you are comfortable with the colors

3. i usually go to PhotoFx to have a final touch on my color tone and lighting. i balance them out with this application under photography option.

4. always have a final look of the picture, if possible bring it to Instagram and apply the filters that are available inside Instagram without uploading it.

5. Once you fell happy with the whole thing … you can go ahead apply wording or stickers to add drama on the picture. { Look out my next post, on how i make wording on my pictures }

6. always and always .. be confident, be yourself and smile when you do all these.

allrite, i hope this help. drop me a comment or question and i will try to do my best to get back to you! cheers all … catch up with you on my next post.