:: How do I start my Days ::

Hello How are you? I have not been writing for the past 2 days, the reason is I am very busy running out my daily life.

But i realize when i did not do anything creative on my days, i feel frustrated. that is why i create so many avenue to be creative on my daily life, like blogging and photography. I am not a pro on these areas, but i love doing stuffs related to it. it is fun to be creative and envoy my ideas through these 2 medias in my life.

therefore i usually start my days to fill up these hobbies before i start my daily duties as mum and a home-maker. i wrote a post about it too recently maybe you would like to read it too. click here.

I usually give about 2 hours to do all these. that is why managing my internet informations flow and connecting them one and another for my future references is very important for me. i am an active user for quite a lot of information feeds from the internet. i have flickr, tumblr, stumbleupon, twitter, facebook, linkedin, instagram, bloglovin, youtube and off course my blog. i love to browse them within my tight schedule. i love to be inspired by a lot of good stuffs out there.

so ORGANIZING my browser is a MUST to do thing for me. i can easily read, browse and share them as well as pull them for my future use. i believe organizing the whole life of yours is very crucial, that include our living condition, our financial situation, our family, our social life, our hobby, etc etc …….

so really! that is how i start my days, ORGANIZING my life in general … browsing, make planning and schedule and cleaning up clusters around. i fell alive and happy when i do that, cause things will get easier to handle, less stress/ complicated and give me the feeling of achievement.

i found this wonderful video from YOutube by bobmangroo i subscribe to his channel, i like his talk and his positive point of view about life. check it out!

this is the newest video he uploaded just recently!

allright! i have to move on now … i have few plans to write on my blog including my Instagramtips, i have few requests about it and promise to deliver them. so keep on looking! Happy Thursday Everyone.