:: i am learning colors ::

do you know that i love to learn new things! and it is more fun for me if i can do it myself. i can learn thing at my own pace and time. with the internet technology almost anything we can LEARN as long as we know where to find the information source from. ACTIVE browsing to the subject that you are interested on will be a BIG HELP. your keyword on doing searching and browsing is very crucial. usually as i go deeper on my searching and browsing my vocabularies increase hence my terminology/ keywords to use are multiplying as much as well. so .. the browsing and searching become a lot more easier as you go deeper.

we need to be FOCUS on what we are looking for here, otherwise you will end up spend so much time on the computer without finalizing your finding. and at the end of the day … i WILL BLOG my finding. my blog is like my personal journal where i keep my record so i can easily go back and look again.

allright! in relation to my hobby on mastering photography on my own preference and style, i realize … i need to understand colors composition well as well. how to create pictures that is attractive and eye catching and yet very pretty and beautiful to see. i have browsed so many beautiful pictures out there be it on my FLICKR, Instagram or Tumblr. Go to my page : my photo collections, there is a link to my FLICKR favourites and Pinterest that give you some sort of ideas what kind of pictures i would LOVE to do and make.

to begin with these are the BASIC color scheme that i need to understand


and i found this beautiful blog by verlee where she discussed about colors composition.she said to learn about colors we need to understand the structure of colors which comprise of 3 level. 1st level is the basic colors which are yellow red and blue. followed by the 2nd layer which is orange violet and green and followed by the combination of the 1st level and 2nd level to make a nice soft hues.

and when we match the colors to each other we call them completent colors. there is a website as well that give us a short cut on how to choosing nice combination colors for our working pallete. click here and you can actually do it all yourself, the website will give your sugestion of colors to choose from.

and lastly a nice children song about colors … enjoy

allright! i am still continue on my journey to understand colors. HOPE this post will give you some spark to actually explore it yourself as well. Cheers! it’s FRIDAY!