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Hi there, welcome to my blog.

My name is Refine Lubis, but my social media nickname is refinehere.

I start blogging for sometimes now, but i never really take it seriously until recently.

To proof how serious I am, I had enrolled my on-line blogging class with Elsie Larson .

For me blogging is like a personal therapy that helps me keep up with everyday life as a mum and a full-time housewife.

I am an Indonesian married to a wonderful Singaporean Husband, and I had been living in this city for close to 13 years now. We have a wonderful, 7 years old daughter name Miza.

Day-to-day-notes is my virtual home, and you are very much welcome here. Feel free to browse around, drop me a note to say Hello or if you have any questions.

Allright! Enough of the introduction and let’s start blogging now :-)

What do i blog about!

I blog things around my everyday life, things i love to do and things that help me going, like parenting, fashion and life style, and my fond of social-media.

A peek of some of my favorite posts!

One of my precious experience as mother when both of us riding our bike to the beach. Another precious and challenging experience for me as a mother when helping preparing my daughter for her piano exam. On top of that I also talk about my life around my taste of fashion and style, like my wardrobe overhaul that i did beginning of this year. At time I love to travel around with my LUMIX inside my bag and capturing things around for some pretty photo collections, like my recent visit to IKEA. And most of all my love for social-media and Instagram that I had gained closed to 5000 followers by now. I wrote my experience and some tips about getting my 3000 followers last month.

Want to read more?!?!

some of my old times favourite posts : tips on using iphone application, tips on how to make things simple and easy in life, my fond of photography recently that aspire me to learn about Lomography and some bokeh technique.

allright! Thank you for reading this post. I hope you feel home and i see you around.

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