Sewing Project: Stuffed Rabbit Toy

this is look so fun to do for this school holiday with my daughter! can’t wait to make it with my daughter. she has been busy making cards, book marks with our scrapbooking kits.

Sew much fabrics, sew little time

I’ve been busy sketching and planning for an upcoming ‘Sew for HRSS (House Rabbit Society of Singapore)’ event. The basic requirement is to be able to hand sew the stuffed toy. As we will eventually be handing the stuff rabbits to HRSS to sell them during their fund-raising roadshows, I had to make sure that the stuff toys aren’t too time-consuming to make or we won’t get too many completed during our 4-5hour sewing session this coming sat.

I’ve also had some sewing inquiries, people are keen but also apprehensive on whether they can sew or not. Well, I thought I should document how it’s done for everyone’s benefit so they aren’t too nervous. I started sewing yesterday and I think I got abit hooked on making them. Really, it’s not that hard! Just come and we’ll help each other along!

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:: Do you know RETRO hair style is back ::

Source: via Refine on Pinterest



they are everywhere! i see them popping up on almost every fashion blogs, magazines and social media platform that discussed about fashion. i myself have not given a try for it. first of all, i am not really into hair-spraying … LOL! i just don’t feel comfortable with the feeling of my hair being sticky after i sprayed. There are some information out there to actually looking for the non sticky base spray, but i don’t have a time yet to actually hunting for it. i might …

check bellow some tutorial on how to make this beehive style of hair with the bandana on it.



and look the video i found from youtube …

and finally enjoy the cute fashion video by Charlotte Taylor. i just adore her fashion taste, it is colourful, rich with pattern and very very RETRO … enjoy! and Happy Wednesday all!