:: what is on my make-up purse ::

 sometimes last year i made this video, and upload it to youtube. since then on i hardly made any other new one. i am too busy with my schedule. i might make it again one day when time permits.

yesterday while i was waiting for my daughter who was doing her { icanread } class at whitesands mall, i snapped some photos. waiting always tickle my minds to do something. i hate being idle while waiting. that is why i always carry many things with me including my ipad and camera. if you read my earlier post here, you will notice i mention i always carry xxlbag!

so! i was snapping these things inside my make up purse. and i share it with you here. so probably you know what i carry mostly inside my makeup purse. i have bags inside the bags LOL.

i always have these few things with me … always!!!

1. my compact powder from clinique

2. my perfume by coco-channel

3. my eyebrow liner and eyeliner from lancome

4. lipstick mostly red maroon or red brownish colors.

i am very simple when come to make-up. Singapore is very hot and i have oily skin, so light sheer type of make up is just good enough for me. I don’t even put foundation, it’s too thick and sticky at times just make me very uncomfortable. So i forgo that.

oh well! thank you for reading! cheers happy tuesday!

our Hands are Tied ….

Inspired by the new edition of HerWOrld – August 2011, Singapore edition, i really want to build up this new arm candies. i have collections of bracelets and charms already, all i need to do is to mix and match them together. It has been my desired for sometimes, and when i look at this article on the magazine … it is indeed a dream come true for me.

according to the article the whole idea is to give polished looks a cool sense of abandonment. and here’s how to wear them. They key’s to match them with minimalist outfits so you look haute, not hobo.

these are some combo that they give us as tips on the article


it’s good for the day, go eclectic – classic leather band, whimsical charms and different sized beads in happy hues. a pop coloured plastic watch ups the fun factor.

the next one is EVENING SHEEN

pile on the metal and gem encrusted bangles for night, contrasted with a woven bracelets in unexpected neon. the sporty watch to complete and to match the look.

if you need to shop some nice and affordable bracelets and charms in Singapore, my recommendation will be DIVA , NEW LOOK and off course Accessoriez

oh well Happy Sunday All! ….