:: Parenting : it’s a team work ::

my daughter just received her report card yesterday. over all, we are very happy with the result! She is still score above 290/300, that makes her fall under “A” result category. However, she was doing better last semester, the score differ by 5 points compare to last semester. She had proven to us that she did well on her Malay which was the challenge for last semester. She had improved on that area and score 100 for that. However her Math and English are no longer 100.

I spent few hours yesterday to actually talk to her to find out what is happening. We understand the subject is not getting easier for her from month to month, but it is also does not mean they are difficult for her to handle. As typically a lot of kids will face …. getting the job done and 100% accurate is quite a tough job { don’t get me wrong, there are KIDS who can score full mark }. that is why we both { me and my daughter }, understand what needs to be done when come to next year. i hope she is fully aware of the challenge she will face as the years goes by on her formal education journey.

For us … school performance is very important. This is the mainframe of the platform that she needs to put her heavier weight when comes to priority. For us … we can easily pull off any of her extra classes if it bring threat to her school performance. So far … the things are quite balanced so we leave it as it is. She enjoys her drawing, piano, swimming, speech and drama classes. And she still insist to be in KUMON as well. She just loves Kumon tough at times it can be very hard to her to handle, but when we talk about it with her she keeps telling us … i like Kumon, it helps me with my work in School. I wrote some posts about Kumon sometimes ago on my blog, click here if you want to read it.

I also had discussion about my hubby last night over the phone, as he is still on oversea trip. he said … he is very happy with her result, but as we agree, we take every progress seriously. we want her to take the same pride as well about her school performance. we want her to own the pride out of her self. we want her to realize that her education is for her own good in the future. for us – education – is very important. that is the backbone that helps her in the future. Off course we never neglecting the other side to balance her full development as a person. her mental attitude, her manner, her character and her responsibility as a human being.

probably it is TRUE, asian parent takes education seriously. we talk about it so much, we openly shown our pressure to the kids and we clearly declare it to our kids. i found this video … it is a CNN series that cover the subject about Asian Parenting. I wrote a lot about it on my blog posts earlier about Asian Parenting. you can check the following. the truth about Amy CHua, Asian is a school stress society and Singapore Society toward the education.

honestly as a stay home mum! my biggest burden and reason to be home is my daughter school’s performance. i have to keep reminding myself that. i keep telling my daughter, we are a team … i am her coach and she is the player. we take up her education as a game, a mission to complete with outstanding result. therefore, i can not work alone as a coach, we work together. and she understand this concept well.

check this video .. and do pay attention at the end, when Sid Sriram said … the family support helps the kids perform in school. the mental attitude of the parents toward the education is as important as the kids attitude toward the study.

oh well! this post is quite heavy! it is always heavy for me when come to parenting. i take it seriously! cheers everyone …

a Sunday at Singapore Expo

yesterday we went to Singapore Expo hall 5B to be precise, but we found out more things to see then we initially plan to see there. there are exhibition for tour/holiday package, flea market and electronic. I enjoy the time we spent at the flea market …. *winks.

a lot of things we found out from that trip on top of my small catching moment to capture picture here and there …. we also have the opportunity to go inside the luxury double decker bus travel from Singapore to Malaysia. we plan to try it out soon for a trip to penang, it should be a fun way to explore the view as well while enjoying the ride.

and for miza off course her TOP fav time is when she once again do the obstacle course with the Forest Adventure. here are a video for that. enjoy …..