Friend ForEver

we live in HDB housing and on the high-rise building. we have a wonderful park behind our house and so near to go to the beach as well as the big playground in Pasir Ris park. we are even luckier now with the new swimming pool opens just around our walking distance.

we also are very lucky to have wonderful neighbours. they are very nice indeed and helping each other. one thing very common is, most of us love plants, that is why if you come to our house, we have a beautiful corner with nice and neat greeneries and flowery potted plants along the corridor where we live. our kids are about the same age too, and miza {my daughter} is close to one of their kids too, Christoph and Jessica.

my daughter grow up together with them, these are Jessica and Christoph. They live next door, and they are about the same age. Both of them are in Primary 3 now, and miza is in primary 1. The 3 of them are busy kids, they are running around for their classes on top of their school schedule. sometimes they meet in the same enrichment classes too, and doing almost the same thing too outside school. As the youngest among all, miza is lucky she can learn a lot of things from them, about the life in primary school.

i hope they stay friend forever! i can not wait to see them grow up as teenagers together …. exciting!!

Time to reflect ….

Time to reflect ….

i enjoy our bike ride to the beach so much that we repeated again today. i think this is good for my daughter as well, so she can sweat and breathe the fresh air from the beach. i noticed since … Continue reading