:: from the ETSY blog : Rob Ryan ::

that is HIM, click on the picture to actually go to his blog, and bellow are some of his amazing works … i just love how he combines work with silhoutte pictures. if you are into crafting or scrapbooking you will see a lot of stamping that model his work. you fix the pieces together to actually build the same idea on your own piece of crafting.

and this is the video of Rob Ryan Whimsical video from YouTube

and this is from vimeo … i got it from his blog

and this is a stop motion paper cutting video that is very cool from YouTube

and finally for you to try at home for x’mas, making snowflakes using paper cuts

i don’t know suddenly i feel the world full of creativity, everyday i land my eyes to places where creativity is gloom and bloom … and indeed it HELPS brighten up my days. i hope it bring the same impact to you as well. cheers!

:: Pinterest : if you never heard about it, you are such a big dork ::

exactly until about 3 weeks ago i have been such a big dork in social media life. i did not know anything about pinterest, until i found other blogs on bloglovin. and i tell you, there are so much fun for being here. so much things you can explore, browse and collect. things that you would like to see, have or collection of hobbies. you can even end up with people around the world who share the same passionate things in life. internet is really a pool of people from the same mind connect each other, and that is the great thing about internet. you FRIEND … friends who share the same interest … period. in real life it is very difficult to actually scan it, into your liking category … :p

if you are NEW/BLIND about pinterest, do check this blog, this blog written by Marshal Kirkpatrick. he wrote some brief introduction about pinterest and some definition about it.

do check this one too the video tutorial for the pinterest if you need some visual guidance about it …. the video was done by fairhair33

and finally click HERE, for my pinterest board … hope you enjoy my sharing. Happy Saturday all, TOday is my daughter 1st LAMDA examination, help wishing the best for her. thank you …. cheers!!!