Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Associates is one of the tool that a lot of bloggers use. It helps bloggers to earn money from the number of click made or commission earning. We need to apply for this and Amazon will review our blog first in order to get accepted as their associate.

I like Amazon, it always be my favorite online shopping destination. They maintain quality of the items sold on their site. Especially for books and music in my experience. Therefore when I had set up my blog, it is always my dream to be Amazon’s associate.

I work on my blog to get it ready to be reviewed. And I thank GOD last night just before I go to sleep I got an email from Amazon stating that my request had been approved. You can not imagine how happy I am with this. This is like another stepping stone for me to keep going forward and improving my blog.

Bare in mind, I enjoy blogging more than anything. It is like a small window that readers can have a peek to see what is inside my heart. I have the opportunity to show case what is in my mind, my aspiration about life, my opinion of anything happened around me in social setting, sharing my tips that i found might be useful for others as well as recommend some of the good stuffs I found along the way.

I also love to do up and decorate my blog, with these Amazon widgets, they are even more fantastic! I love Amazon widgets! They are very sophisticated chosen and well presented.

I am happy with my blog and I am happy with my self. Life is full of contentment. Cheerss!!!