The Top Use For Tablets: Gaming (STATS)

The Top Use For Tablets: Gaming (STATS).

Sure it is the era of Tablet now …. for many reasons! it looks cool, very portable and amazing features just like a laptop or even a PC. Especially my age, Tablet help so much compare to the regular handphone. The screen is much bigger hence it is much easier to see and to work on. I currently having so much trouble reading notices on my handphone and making my head dizzy sometimes, since i love to tweet while i walk.

my handphone subscription contract will expired at the end of next month, and i have been browsing for some tablet options at the market now. I never lay my eyes on Ipad at all, you can tell from all my post I am a Android supporter. Off course I will put Android tablet as my first priority for options.

I will be using this tablet for my mobile blogging first of all. taking up pictures and do it up a bit with the applications available on the droid tab to add more of my Flickr collections. browsing internet, especially YouTube for music while waiting for Miza doing stuff at her class. And off course all my social media douchebag .. like facebook and twitter.

The big screen, the amazing resolution and great pixels count sure will help a lot on my hobby of constantly browsing while I am on the go. I spend a lot of times outside home waiting for my daughter in her extra class, sure this gadget will bring so much enjoyment time on top of the book that sometimes is too heavy to carry now a days. A free books application would be a help too, i know android have some applications for that. I am looking forward for it ….

after browsing around I am thinking of getting one of these tablet below depending on my contract availability and budget off course.


ACER ICONIA! on Android HOneyComb

applications on my droid

my dream : run everything on my droid – including the house work :p

what i have installed  on my droid are as followed : [ bare in mind, it is still on going progress, currently i only used 7% of my memory capacity]

mixzing, fixcamera, picsay,money management, color flash, color note, currency converter, the wheather forecast, maps, calorie counter, percentage counter, dictionary, wordpress, BMI calculator, compass, find starbuck, ITriage [sort of medical tips/advise], Littre dictionary [french dictionary], loan calculator, moby, mortgage calculator, navigation, scanlife [barcode scanner], sims toolkit, starhub TV, thesaurus, unit converter, youtube, powe control, foursquare, facebook, gmail, twitter, facebook chat.

and my most favorites QuOTEs, comics whatever: daily dilbert, budha, 100 ways to live happily, million dollar tips, sigmund freud, study 101 tips, maya angelou, 40 hadeeths, albert einstein, aristotle, Asma al-husna, dalai lama, iQuran, Lao Tzu.

remember it is still on going and continue – if you have any tips or suggestions let me know.