:: playing with Coolibah ::

if you notice i have been playing with digital scrapbooking on my Instagram as well. if you click on my image above, it will bring you to my FLICKR photo pull to see how i play around with applications to make scrapbooking. Digital scrapbooking to me is FUN, it is time limitless, environment friendly and most of all so much cheaper compare to what most of us do now a days, buying the pak for scrapbooking accesories. with digital scrapbooking you can have a limited resources and be creative about it.

and i phone make it even so much easier, inside the iphone applications there are so much scrapbooking tools. one of my most favorite one is COOLIBAH, click here to find it on application store. The application is free however the decoration items are not ALL FREE, there are some FREE items that you can use as well. with iphone … i can scrapbook anyTIME, anyWHERE and anyHOW!!!

now, i try my best to guide you through coolibah. shoot me question if you think you need more explanation on coolibah.

before i begin with coolibah there are few applications i used to support coolibah. here are the screen shot.

these are the application i use along with coolibah, let me explain them one by one from left to right and top to bottom.

1. Coolibah – the main apps, it is FREE to download but the decoration items are not ALL FREE. the price for perpack decoration item is USD $0.99

2. CoolCam – this is an apps to transfer your picture from your iphone camera roll to other apple devices like ipad or ipod. i use my ipad to do my scrapbooking, for me it is easier cause the Ipad screen is much wider and bigger. click here for the link to the itune store.

3. PicFrame – this is my cropping tool. because the coolibah format is not a nice square, it is rectangular shape. so i always cut it here to make a nice square and frame it like earlybird frame if you want it too. you know on Instagram you can tell the different between picture taken by iphone and nonIphone camera devices? the iphone base mostly are FULL SQUARE where else the rest are rectangular shape is not a nice FULL SQUARE … that is how you tell the difference straight away. off course you can still make your DSLR picture to square by cropping them. click here for PicFrame apps on itune store. i like PicFrame cause i can easily resize and move the original picture inside. use the 2 fingers to pinch the picture to resize it and one finger to move it around.

4.Phonto – this is the magic apps i really LOVE and LOVE …..click here for the link. this is a must to have apps if you love scrapbooking and typography. you can do many things with phonto. i will write post about my typography too one day.

5. LabelBox – another great application for typography or you can leave it blank and use it as washi tape for your scrapbooking. washi is the new term use for the cute masking tape with pictures on it. click here for link to the itune store.

6. camera+ – another must have application that i carry with me. i use this a lot to snap picture when i want to edit or applying a lot of filters on the pictures. i will write post on camera i use as well one day. click here for the link to Itune store. i use this to rotate or flip my scrapbooking before i work with phonto.

allright i had show you all the applications i use to work with my scrapbooking. now lets start with Coolibah print screen so you have some idea what’s inside there.

and finally ….

1. bring the colibah picture to picframe, resize and position it and frame/crop it and save it back to camera roll.

2. you can flip and rotate one more time if you want too after the square shape is done using camera+

3. then adding words using phonto as the last step before you load this picture into Instagram

and this is the final product of my scrapbooking ….

so those are the steps i did using coolibah. there are 2 other activities you can do on coolibah, i explained to you already how to do scrapbooking. the other 2 activities are …. checking your KIT inventory and purchasing your KIT inventory. see the screen below.

woohoo!!! finally i am done with the post. i owe some friends this post. i hope this post helps you to work with coolibah. again, if you have any questions just drop me comment, and i will try my best to reply you as soon as i can.

thank you again … and have fun doing your digital scrapbooking with coolibah. tag me on Instagram if you want too …. @refinehere and you are welcome to tag your work to my tag #iscrapbook

cheers!!! happy weekend all ….

:: Playing with soft-tones and bokeh ::

these pictures are the ones that inspired me to actually write blog post on how to do these stuff using the iPhone only. i don’t call it tutorial, i call it knowledge sharing. because i, myself is still learning on instagram from others. i love to be inspired by other great Igers that i adore inside there. their originality and creativity are the things that always caught my attention first.

so this is first knowledge sharing … how to make soft-tones and bokeh …..

i told you once i play a lot with applications during my first month in Instagram. click here if you want to read that experience. i own quite numbers of applications on my iphone that help me doing the photo editing. i use them a lot and explore them until i know how they behave quite well. probably because of that, i can do an edit pretty fast, cause i know exactly which application, which filters that will give me certain impact and tones on my pictures. i used to call myself filterholics! i can use almost 8 applications just for one pictures. the better i know how the application work, the lesser i use them on my pictures. so … that’s it, know the application well will help a lot.

allright to play with soft-tones and bokeh i used the following applications a lot.

FilterMania, Meitu, Phototreats, QBro, LensLight and Cute.

the following are some print screen of the filter i use from each of these applications, if you click on the pictures it will bring you to the application store so you know which one that i actually own without having to search it by yourself.





these are QBRO, LensLight and Cute …..

check out the following before and after ….

few tips here when doing with soft-tones and bokeh …

1. always choose the soft filter to tone down the color and make it sheer and softy look

2. apply the bokeh once you are comfortable with the colors

3. i usually go to PhotoFx to have a final touch on my color tone and lighting. i balance them out with this application under photography option.

4. always have a final look of the picture, if possible bring it to Instagram and apply the filters that are available inside Instagram without uploading it.

5. Once you fell happy with the whole thing … you can go ahead apply wording or stickers to add drama on the picture. { Look out my next post, on how i make wording on my pictures }

6. always and always .. be confident, be yourself and smile when you do all these.

allrite, i hope this help. drop me a comment or question and i will try to do my best to get back to you! cheers all … catch up with you on my next post.