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just see how beautiful these pictures are. for me …. photography is not just about taking pictures …. it is the whole process of connecting your emotion and feeling and translate that into your photography work. the aim is to move the emotion of the viewer.

i love pretty, sweet and happy mood when come to photography. they help cheer up my days.

good nite all! it has been a splendid day for me here! cheersss …. zzzzzz

Global Art! The Art School for your kids ….

My daughter love to scribble and draw things around her. She loves to make cards for me and friends or even write her own diary with all the doodles around it. This hobby is very prominent to our eyes since she was young, so we had been putting her to some art school for children around Singapore. We had to stop few of them cause of distance and curriculum problem, until finally we found Global Art just around house. We can take our bike to cycle there, it is at DownTown East. My daughter love the school, the teachers, the friends and most of all what they are teaching her there.

To give you some idea how the school looks like check the video below. Global Art is an international franchise, you can easily find these schools in the main city of some countries in Asia including, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Philippine and even Japan and Korea. The video below is the school from Jakarta, but TRUST me more or less all the other schools are looking the same because they are franchised.

Allright, for us personally myself and my husband, we see Global Art more than just a DRAWING CLASS for Miza. It is more than that … if you go to the school and find out what they are teaching to the children you will be amazed. A lot of other art school focusing a lot on art and crafts, which we think is redundant, she actually got a lot of this from school. We are more interested on how the drawing technique introduced to the children. Global Arts provide these curriculum for the children. they learn different skill on how to apply colors on the drawing. Global Art provide the material and tools for the children to work with.

And that is not the only thing, recently Global Art has also introduce the history of ART material for the children. my daughter loves history so much especially from the era before modern time. So going to the class for her is like exploring another side of Arts. She learns different type of Arts during pre-modern/contemporary times, who are the artist during that time and their pieces of work. The teacher explain to them what are the different and definition of every types of arts, they discuss about it and do some activities. It would be great if one day, global Art can actually bring this children to explore museum and discuss about Art Work. But in SIngapore we have limited collections, most of the works here are contemporary based or during modern time. We need to go to NY or France to see the classic ones … maybe one day we are able to bring Miza to explore some great museums in the world including the one in Cairo.

On my personal opinion, Singapore will have a great opportunity for Art hub in Asia Pacific region. And i see the government seems to walk into that direction, they had increased the budget pull for Arts department in Singapore, opening up world class Museums around with different material/installation to display, organizing world class exhibition by gathering the wonderful works from Artist all over the world including Asia. And not forgetting the join partner between NUS and Yale for Liberal Art study. click here to read about it.

The passion of Arts, is an acquired taste. You must have it within you and all the things around it will give soul for you to understand, that is my opinion, otherwise all the subject about it would become boring and make you sleep. going to museum for hours and sit down to admire the work or even to digest what are the message the artist want to communicate with us, to understand the background of the artist of doing the work etc. There are so much studies that we can actually enhance just by looking on a Piece of Art Work.

Maybe my daughter has interest of this, she tend to loves reading about things related to cultures, values, beliefs or epics, and she enjoys talking or expressing about it with her drawing or even going to the museum to see an exhibition. I told her once …. there are a lot of thing you can do in the community by working at the museum or galery and our discussion is on and on especially with her asking so much questions about it.

And i had found some stuff from YouTube that i actually had shared with her and would like to share it with you as well. Cheers!