Support my cause!

I am supporting this cause through my blogging activities via SocialVibe. I chose the cause that close to my heart which is art, culture and children.

If you are a social media activist or a blogger, it is always good to join up with SocialVibe and help raise the fund to support your cause. Click here to read what I wrote about it before.

This is the link for my cause support organization which is the Art of Elysium, click here.

Support the ones around you and show the world that you really care about it! Cheerss ….

A flattering Message!

Do you get this impressive message from time to time? be it on your twitter or your blog? I do! Do you buy it and quickly grab it and follow through it yourself? I don’t

It is easy for us to be mislead or loosing our focus in Social Media Networking, be it on twitter, blogging or Facebook and many others. You can easily trap yourself in some commitment that you actually don’t need for your day to day life.

When I get this positive message I usually thank them for who ever send it to me and reply that I will have a look on it. I am not here to make money only, there are more than that! It is experience and the journey as writing your own blog, managing your social media network and learning is MORE than everything.

Therefore I usually not interested on joining up some force to earn money through Social Media Networking.

When you run your own blog, there is another thing they call it spammer! It is a message send by bot to your blog posting a good positive comment about your blog. However what they are actually looking is your acceptance of their URL into your blog. Most of those spam message when you trace back the link are actually promotion page and nothing more. So do you believe their genuine comment? I don’t honestly. I rather get a negative feedback from a genuine account.

Thank’s god I have akismet installed on my blog, it helped me identify them and block their comment into my blog.

Everyday is something new to learn! Social Media Networking is another BIG world stand at their own!