if you mean GOOD for all, Start Now!

Social Vibe http://www.socialvibe.com/info one of the new thing i found through browsing and hop over from one blog to another blog.

There are about more than hundreds thousands people had actually joined actively here. Some of them are active in twitter, Facebook or regular bloggers.

With this tool, indirectly we help our worldwide community by donating our little spare time doing some activities. Everytime we complete an activity we earn points which eventually will be translated as some form of numeration value that can be used to help the charity of your choice. The activities can be choosing a multiple questions, answering some questions or just passing comments on other member blogs. Each activity is supported by few major brands such as Coca Colla and others.

Currently my influence benefit WWF http://www.socialvibe.com/#/causes/27, there are many causes that you can select. Off course! this is based on what you care the most and importance.  The more influential you are on your cause the more impact you did to help this charity.

I am trying to work on my impact slowly off course! considering my time limitation. What I am doing the most is performing the activities religiously and inviting selected friends from facebook to help me support the cause.

I know my impact might be small or consider to be TINY! but to me, it is better to start somewhere than nothing. This is one of the thing i think we should consider while we are dive into social media network …. Be Active! Be Exist! and Be Usefull for yourself and others.



Phone your Blog!

this is one new cool feature from WordPress.com – you can actually recorded your voice from your smartphone and later on uploaded it into your blog as a new post. How cool this can be! I still need to explore how to use this functionality! Fun Fun stuff to explore!