:: from the ETSY blog : Rob Ryan ::

that is HIM, click on the picture to actually go to his blog, and bellow are some of his amazing works … i just love how he combines work with silhoutte pictures. if you are into crafting or scrapbooking you will see a lot of stamping that model his work. you fix the pieces together to actually build the same idea on your own piece of crafting.

and this is the video of Rob Ryan Whimsical video from YouTube

and this is from vimeo … i got it from his blog

and this is a stop motion paper cutting video that is very cool from YouTube

and finally for you to try at home for x’mas, making snowflakes using paper cuts

i don’t know suddenly i feel the world full of creativity, everyday i land my eyes to places where creativity is gloom and bloom … and indeed it HELPS brighten up my days. i hope it bring the same impact to you as well. cheers!

Yoko Furosho – a Japanese artist/illustrator based in New York

One of the prominent feature in Instagram is the opportunity to see works of some illustrators around the world. They actually snap their work and upload it to Instagram, from there i end up browsing their blog and stumble upon a lot new finding. The world is never getting small for me with the internet. I might be sitting alone at my home but my eyes goes far until portugal and meet people from any different region.

i pull some of Yoko work’s from Google Image bank

come check the video of her work in barcelona! {Yoko Furosho}