Let’s go Cycling!

Do you know that one of the major killing of our planet with the global warming process is the used of VEHICLE or CARS? the carbon dioxide emissions produced by personal vehicle in 2004 has hit 314 million metric tons that equal to carbon in a coal train as long as 55,000 miles, enough to circle the world twice. General Motors cars alone account for more carbon pollution than that from America’s largest electric-generating company, American Electric Power. Emissions from Toyota vehicles, fourth among car companies, edge out those from the Tennessee Valley Authority, third among power companies. To read the full picture of this, click here.

Honestly it is a sad fact that we take our own act to actually harm the planet where we live in. We are indeed living in a borrow time, we care less about the future of our generation, our children who are born or will be born. They will be the one who carry over our irresponsible act on continuing the surviving on this planet. This challenge alone comes from the global warming that is actually happening in our life now a days. And this alone is not the only problem our future generation will have to face, economic challenge, job opportunity, political stability and healthy life style. honestly it could be a long of THINGS that might HARM you, BEWARE – list that we need to pass on over the generations to come.

a long sigh! off course … when we all come to think about it. watch this VIDEO about the GLobal Warming that is happening to our planet now, and you will be shocked by the fact that is actually happening.

More and more responsible persona in this planet had actually taking action to help the survival of this planet. i wrote one post on my blog too about my concern on this, read here. Even in brussel the government had actually taking further action to help their employment problem as well as securing this planet. watch this video here:

Few days ago in Strait Times there is a short article about cycling in kyoto and how it become a life style for almost everyone who lives in Kyoto. Even us, when we were in Kyoto for few days few years ago, 3 of us were admiring people cycling around the roads from young to old. It is very common to see a mother with her heels still cycling along with the other 2 smalls bikes with her children ride on it along the sideroad. I see them keep giving instruction to their kids for personal safety. It is amazing how cycling can really be a life style for all. It is healthy, cheaper and sure safe so much space for storage compare of one big cilynder car.

i also found one of this good video that give us motivation on how to start to make a change from ourselves FIRST before pointing finger to anyone else. here.

Oh Well! come to think of biking … i need to fix my bike and change the back baby seat for the one that is more suitable for Miza so just in case we are in rush and she is so tired, she can easily hop on the back of my bike and ride along Pasir RIs for her classes.

Cheers! everyone … stay save, healthy and sure go Green!


Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking!

Yesterday, I actually I watched Hosan Leong Show at the National Library Singapore, but I also watched the TV program *Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking* right after I came back home from Hosan Leong show. I appreciate Hosan’s show as well, but Stephen Hawking’s show on TV had really captured my mind, my heart, my inspiration toward life …. therefore I choose to write this first.

When we talk about Galaxy according to Hawking’s,  it is something with no perfection, stability, focus on major thing and tangible object. Everything in Galaxy is constant changes, dynamic, clusters, messy, not perfect and every small things counts.

The show last for about 1 and 1/2 hour, but it mesmerize me so much. If you read my blog you will understand I am very weak on science and gave up long time ago when come to study it. But with the new technology on TV media, science has become so much interesting. All those boring matters and subject that used to be a very long tedious reading material has transformed into something very interesting. I watched science program just like watching science movie. I feel like I connect to Stephen Hawking easily and understand what he is trying to explain. TV media make it so much understandable even for my daughter who is 6 years old. She enjoys this program just like my self.

I love science program at Discovery Channel. Click here for their official website, there are so much info inside there for their TV program and stuff. And here for all their official videos that are available on the net. And here for their facebook.

I quoted once on this blog :

The more you watch *Discovery Channel*, the more you know the world is WONDERFUL!

Knowledge is the vessel of life, without it you will never be able to harbor.

we should have science in heart and technology in mind. science help us understand the heart of the creator and science help us to make other better.

All these words were my aspiration toward watching the science programs from Discovery channel. I believe strongly, science had make you humble and nature had make you see the beauty of the CREATOR …. and our minds will never finish finding the true answer … why we are here? and why we had been created? what was the most scientific reason for our existence? is there any purpose that we are created? …. or we simply created by an accident, a fault? …. who knows?

but one thing for sure …. science had make me closer to my faith! cheeersss …..