:: Do you know RETRO hair style is back ::

Source: etsy.com via Refine on Pinterest



they are everywhere! i see them popping up on almost every fashion blogs, magazines and social media platform that discussed about fashion. i myself have not given a try for it. first of all, i am not really into hair-spraying … LOL! i just don’t feel comfortable with the feeling of my hair being sticky after i sprayed. There are some information out there to actually looking for the non sticky base spray, but i don’t have a time yet to actually hunting for it. i might …

check bellow some tutorial on how to make this beehive style of hair with the bandana on it.



and look the video i found from youtube …

and finally enjoy the cute fashion video by Charlotte Taylor. i just adore her fashion taste, it is colourful, rich with pattern and very very RETRO … enjoy! and Happy Wednesday all!


:: what is on my make-up purse ::

 sometimes last year i made this video, and upload it to youtube. since then on i hardly made any other new one. i am too busy with my schedule. i might make it again one day when time permits.

yesterday while i was waiting for my daughter who was doing her { icanread } class at whitesands mall, i snapped some photos. waiting always tickle my minds to do something. i hate being idle while waiting. that is why i always carry many things with me including my ipad and camera. if you read my earlier post here, you will notice i mention i always carry xxlbag!

so! i was snapping these things inside my make up purse. and i share it with you here. so probably you know what i carry mostly inside my makeup purse. i have bags inside the bags LOL.

i always have these few things with me … always!!!

1. my compact powder from clinique

2. my perfume by coco-channel

3. my eyebrow liner and eyeliner from lancome

4. lipstick mostly red maroon or red brownish colors.

i am very simple when come to make-up. Singapore is very hot and i have oily skin, so light sheer type of make up is just good enough for me. I don’t even put foundation, it’s too thick and sticky at times just make me very uncomfortable. So i forgo that.

oh well! thank you for reading! cheers happy tuesday!