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 if you notice it on the right side of my blog sidebar, there is this icon there? Yes! that is my cocogirl album photo. if you click there, it will bring you to my cocogirl album galery on flickr, like this. it will be updated everyday for my cocogirl’s daily look from my facebook.

i just love this game! well {me and miza} do. both of us never get tired with dressing up games. where ever there is a dressing up games in the internet we always have our hand to give it a try.

cocogirl is a game that we can play in our facebook account. the cool part it, we do not have to friend someone in order to follow that person feed or to be followed by someone. everyday we will have a quest to complete in order to earn rubys! and we use that rubys to go for our doll shopping.

inside the game you will have your own house, dressing room, diary for your look and calendar for your activities. everyday when you complete a look another cocogirl player will go and rate your look, there is a popularity contest as well. for both of us … that is not important, we just love playing the look and display.

there is a shopping mall inside too … if you remember there is a game name poupeegirl long time ago. this game is from Japan, cocogirl is very similar to this game. we {me and miza} used to play this game as well. like i said … we just love dressing up games!

you can shopping for clothes, accesories, bags, shoes, make up, hairstyle and even change your body part too like the color of your eyes, your faceshape, your eyes shape etc etc. you can also sell your items and make money from that too.

i wish i can create clothes inside there too! i used to create clothes in secondlife game and sell it for real money. i just love playing with design graphic.this is my store in secondlife ….

oh well! check out my cocogirl look … isn’t she pretty!!!

thank you for reading! Happy Sunday all!

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just see how beautiful these pictures are. for me …. photography is not just about taking pictures …. it is the whole process of connecting your emotion and feeling and translate that into your photography work. the aim is to move the emotion of the viewer.

i love pretty, sweet and happy mood when come to photography. they help cheer up my days.

good nite all! it has been a splendid day for me here! cheersss …. zzzzzz