it’s ain’t easy to BLUFF now-days

do you know in the past people can easily bluff that they have the holiday in Panama, Paraguay, morocco or Kenya ~ simply just by SAYING it! all you need to do:  read the book about those places and bluff all the way as long as you memorize little detail on the story, and BOOM! people believe that you are actually was in KENYA for one week and exploring the exotic of african savannah.

THEN the technology improved a bit further. YOU are NOT only telling story, BUT you SHARE pictures … ya ya ya … pictures of yourself with the background of KENYA, isn’t that amazing. Off course! all those amazing background are actually downloaded from any image from google or yahoo somewhere. with a little bit of photo editing skill, you infact can merge your photo with kenya background. YOUR luck stands as long as no ONE found those background picture on public browsing . with that, NOW! – not only you are telling stories but you have proofs – the PICTURES … how cool that could be right!

BUT! hold on RIGHT there …. it’s ain’t simple anymore DUde> listen up!

People are getting smarter now~a~days we don’t believe what other people said just LIKE that. Technology is improving  and rolling faster like a roller coaster. People demand more for accuracy and accountability. the more you provide the proof on that manner the more trust you will gain from others.

Call me the proof Freak! blame it for my accounting background who always look for the fact first more than anything before jump into conclusion ….

WITH this recent technology, you are allowed to let your handphone communicate on GPS mode that allow it to exactly spot you in any particular place on earth and record it. You are then are allowed to share that right place with the words through any other media form.

twitter allows you to publish your place on the map, Foursquare has actually force you to be at least 200 meter from any site you spot, other than that it will give you error message when you claim to check in there – and many other forms.

You can not be twitting to the world saying you are shopping for Hermes in Orchard while you are actually sleeping at your home in the east of Singapore ANYMORE!

so brushing up yourself! people are not easy to be fool anymore …. cheeeerssss

Our life record

In this modern digital technologies we can record almost everything in the history of our life time.

We record our story inspiration aspiration thought in words by writing it on the blog.

We record what our eyes see through our camera and on top of that we got to share the exact moment our eyes spot something.
We record music song sounds that we like and cary it with us easily and tune on it anytime and everywhere.

And now we record our foot prints and got the change to share it with others, and not only just sharing. …. maybe one day a satelite can capture us exactly on one specific spot one specific time and shout it to the world real time.

This world is not just getting small but transparant too.

Me: who never stop admiring this astonishing of the digital technology era.