Google Alerts – Your Spy on the NEt!

Today we got our get together at Jasmine Karsono house for lunch. As usual our conversation is not far than the new internet technology that keep amazes our life. Jasmine mentioned about this free tool available at the internet through Google providers. We call it *Google Alerts*. To read more about it click here.

This tool basically helping us to get notifications on our email or feeds for any topic related to certain subject. You can basically give any words at all and get all the notification contains that specific words on your email complete with the link/ url as well. I can just put my name as the topic/subject, and anything at all on the net that is circulated within Google reach will be bounced into my email inbox with the url. I can easily traceback all this link and read what they write about me out there.

So! Be mindful with what you said in public … it is recorded and it can come back to you anytime. Happy netting everyone and play smart and safe all the time.


Geotaging & Digital Map *new stuff for me*

Did i ever tell you , with this fast growing of technology capabilities to our civilization i also tag the benefit along with it by enforcing myself to keep learning and keep up with the *NEW* things?

i take the technology trend not to be a StyLIST but more into taking the benefit for my DAY-to-DAY life. Yes! don’t get me wrong, i am just a simple housewives and a mum, no paycheck, no performance appraisal and no deadline. just simple smooth day with heavy responsible at least to me – *grooming my daughter*.

within my FREe time, i love to explore and learn about new technologies that are out there. i engage myself actively on following some newsgroup and sites in order to keep up myself. MoreOver my hubby is kind enough to support me with all of these passion. sometime he gives me challenge that i need to crack my head to overcome it.

Yesterday, i asked him about getting a map for Bali since we are going there in a week time for 2 weeks holiday. we plan to rent a car and drive it ourselves. Off course! we need map to the road name details. Too Bad! the maps available in the book store mostly without street name. The one with the streets name cost a BOMB! and listen what my hubby said:

“Why is it so difficult for you. Just go to Google map, get the direction from one end to another, overlay it on the map and save it. and copy the url to your handphone browser or your laptop”


i never tought of it, it sounds possible to do it, but i am not sure if it is as easy as saying it ….hahahahah.

True! enough i took up the challenge and have indulged myself on exploring the Google map. IT is true! my hubby was right, IT IS SO PoSsIBLE to do that …… hahahahaah

i spend my time NOW, learning and exploring Google Map. on top of this, i come to learn that there is a lot more things you can do from this tools. design your own exploration map and save it to share with the rest of the world. and on top of just saving the map, you can put it your photos and videos in every point and call it as place of interest. and that is not the end … you can also find ANY interesting places around your map as well …. what a cool thing right!

so yesterday, today and probably few more to come i might be uploading our route in Bali! ….. enjoy ……