Hari Raya Celebration at School

yesterday was quite a disaster for me. i have to drop my daughter to school by myself cause i want to give her extra time to sleep. she slept quite late the night before because of the homework she has to complete. we took public bus to go to the school, we arrived at the school just nice, it took us one hour from home to the school. and we did enjoy our morning walk from the main road to the school.

once i dropped her in school, i planned to go to marina bay to do some photowalk alone. i really enjoy our last trip there so i wanted to repeat it. i already carried my camera in the bag. HOWEVER, as soon as i reached kembangan MRT my daughter called me. she said she forgot to bring her baju kurung for the hari raya celebration at school. i was a bit upset with that, as she did not update her schedule and remind me for that. BUT i have no choice that i quickly rush home with train, grabbed her baju kurung and take a taxi down to school. the taxi was expensive, it close to $28 including the peak hour surcharge.

i managed to get to her school in time, so i decided to stay in for a while and snapped photos here and cancelled my original plan to go to marina bay. so enjoy it ……

i make this video for the even, i am rushing to complete this video and i do not have nice collection of music for the clips. i must go out and look for some music collections that is short, no more than 10 min duration. so i pick the classical music to support the background of the video ….. well enjoy.

Teacher’s day card –

it was teacher day 2 weeks ago just before the school holiday, but miza was sick so she could not attend the celebration at school, hence we prepare the teacher day gift prior to that day. so we keep the gift for sometimes and she just start to distribute it around this week. she is very proud to have many teachers in her life … teachers from her school, her most beloved teacher of all … her form teacher miss khalisah who she said very smart, very pretty, very caring and very fashionable, to her malay teacher, her PE teacher, her music teacher, her civic education teacher, her speech and drama teacher and her D3T2 art program teacher. and the list continue on for her piano teacher, her drawing teacher at global art, her kumon teacher and her madrasah teacher.

instead of giving gifts to most of them she wrote cards for them. she wrote the cards and composed it by herself. it is her own self expression and appreciation for each of the teacher. i posted here one of the example of card that she give to her art teacher in global art. she is so happy to prepare all the special cards for her teacher, i can tell she really fond of her teachers, and that should be the way to go.

LOVE your teacher and you will LOVE the whole things about learning …. cheers!