:: Workspace idea ::

this is the next project i need to do for myself around the house. i have to postpone this project cause of few reason, my parent is coming and will be staying with us for 2 weeks, the december holiday is coming so our focus in term of time, commitment and budget are cater for the holiday. SO …i really have to postpone it till next year, cause we plan to convert one room downstairs as a multi-purpose room {TVroom, guest room and my workspace room}. SO … yeah this has to wait.

The image above is how i survive currently, a small table where all my daily stuffs are crumbled together and one nice dark wooden solid wood shelf to hold everything else. i love boxes! i need to focus on my color coordination when i want to find stuff for my house. no more …. crazy pick and no coordination anymore! say no to that …. i need to organize the colors theme in the house too … LOL.

anyway … i found these wonderful videos from Jessica Lamb on YouTube. She is an awesome crafter as well .. but the cool thing is, she share with us some tips on how to organize our working space. we live in SIngapore, space is always our major problem, so i really hope these videos will give us some ideas. here are some video sample from her

and this is the link to my pinterest to see some wonderful pictures for your inspiration.

and pictures for you ….

thank you for reading! enjoy your day ….

:: Cool Idea for Organizing kid’s bedroom ::

my daughter big challenge is organizing her room. i try hard not to help her, i want her to take responsibility of managing her own bedroom including cleaning it up. she has been doing it by herself, including washing her school shoes every friday!

this post from pinterest might give us some ideas how to do better with the kid’s room. It’s holiday today. Happy Ied Mubarak for my Moslem friends. cheers!