a Sunday at Singapore Expo

yesterday we went to Singapore Expo hall 5B to be precise, but we found out more things to see then we initially plan to see there. there are exhibition for tour/holiday package, flea market and electronic. I enjoy the time we spent at the flea market …. *winks.

a lot of things we found out from that trip on top of my small catching moment to capture picture here and there …. we also have the opportunity to go inside the luxury double decker bus travel from Singapore to Malaysia. we plan to try it out soon for a trip to penang, it should be a fun way to explore the view as well while enjoying the ride.

and for miza off course her TOP fav time is when she once again do the obstacle course with the Forest Adventure. here are a video for that. enjoy …..


visit to IKEA

i actually have LUMIX G2, and i love it so much. i only have 1 lens for this Lumix G Vario 14-42 mm. and i really want to purchase one more lens 45-200 mm.

i need another lens so i can play more strong bokeh and blur as well as focusing. the one i have now had done wonderful work for me but i need it to be refined. after i browse around, i understand i need another set of lens to do the job.

yesterday i went to IKEA, i really want to improve my skill on taking pictures. learn the composition as well as the color tones.

it has been a great experience for me. Instagram had really pushed me forward to understand photography.

don’t get me wrong! i am still far from being skillfull. i am still learning … you can call it self-learning. i love to explore other’s people work and admire wonderful and amazing pictures around as well as dig up my reading from GOOGLE and wikipedia.

oh well enjoy!!!!

cozy cornercheck your eyes!Just nice for Hari RayaWhite display collections 5White display collections 4White display collections 3
Vibrant and contrasting colorsWhite display collections 2White display collections 1clean cut i love this colors compositionnice combination
wish for one day dinning table setneat and clean kitchenNewly wed recomended!another bedset i LOVEi heart this BED setworkspace
what a colors!off stage - bedroom setLights all up

Ikea , a set on Flickr.