Integrating your Social Media activities

I am an active users for the following:

Facebook, Facebook Page, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Digg [broken link now], Delicious, Tumblr, Buzz, LinkedIn and Foursquare.

You can actually click the *FOLLOW ME* buttons on the left side of my blog and check if they are all active and exist :p

Maybe some will wonder how the hell I manage so much social media feeds actively, do I actually go in one by one and update them one by one?

The answer is : *Off Course Noooooooo…..*

I will be going crazy if I have to do that one by one, I don’t have time for that. My key is, I link them all, I syndicate them all. But to do this, I need to mind map my social media and decide how the relation should be. I don’t want to have duplication posting on each of the social media feed. It shows that I don’t take a serious effort to organize them well. Off course you need to test the feed to see how they work, before you can safely said *I am done!*.

First of all, I need to decide which one is my main pool and distribute them around. Do not forget, I like to write and update from my android smart phone too, so I have to take this into consideration as well.

Here are some of the things I do in order to manage my Social Media activities, they keep changing from time to time as the social media tools are changing as well. Change is good, it keeps me abreast with the technology from time to time.

1. Currently my main pool for blogging is my wordpress blog and my android phone. I am using tumblr as my phone blogging now. I set an auto wall post option from my blog and my phone tumblr to my Facebook page. And from my facebook page, I distribute it over to twitter.

2. When I browse and I found interesting link/url to keep, I will save it to my delicious. I syndicate my delicious to tumblr which eventually will be posted to my twitter and Facebook page.

3. I upload my photo and video to YouTube and Flickr, I syndicate them to tumblr which eventually will be posted to my twitter and Facebook page.

4. And I love to tweet and re-tweet from HootSuite, I love the way this application do the streaming. So YEah! I read my twitter from Hootsuite, be it on my smart phone or laptop.

Based on this set-up, my Facebook Page and Twitter is the main pool for all my media activities. If you are interested to follow my full activities you should connect to my twitter or Facebook page.

My Blog is my own work inspire by many things happening around me, be it from the things I see, read, hear or smell :p, it is my own piece of MIND, my own license of work. You can grab the rss feed from my blog or simply friend me on Twitter or Facebook page to be able to get an update on this.

If you notice … Social Media is FUN way to explore … is one way to teach myself to be ORGANiZEd all the time too ..


How I manage my Twitter!

Managing *twitter* can be a tedious time consuming if we are not prepared for it. Therefore some tweeps [how we call the twitter personels] prefers to keep their twitter page profile in private. In other words they are not open for public, if you want to follow them you need to get their approval first. Their twitters are also be in private with the *locked* small icons next to each of their tweets. Only authorized people can read their tweets as well.

But some of us prefer to go on public just like myself. We open our page profile for public, anytime people can follow and unfollow us at the same time. Your followers number can jump up and down everyday depending on how well you maintain them. Once we open our twitter profile on public we can grow so big that probably it is very difficult to handle it anymore.

We will end up with a lot tweets with various different topics that may not be suitable for you, as well as sort of people who follow you or you follow. Your database can be very messy and you loose track of your reason being in twitter. You just go along with the motion without knowing what is the benefit behind this highly dynamic social media communication tools. In my opinion is a waste! There are so much *good* information you can gather just by reading your twitters. Trust me! There are so much *good* and *valuable* information being shared in Twitter.

I joined twitter about 2 month ago and very happy with what I am getting from there. I gain knowledge, informations and friends from all over the world there. I organize my twitters so that I can get the best out of it. I also try my best to know my followers well and have a meaningful sharing with them.

Basically there few steps I take in order to manage my twitter.

1. Are you careful enough to decide who to follow on twitter? do you want to end up with robot on your home-feed spamming you almost every second?

I use TrueTwit to solve this problem. It help me do the verification to differentiate between people and robot. What this application does is when someone follow you, that person would be sent a direct message by this software asking them to click the link and verify them selves from person or robot. Right after that person had done the verification we will receive and email indicating it. We will then can decide to follow or not to follow that person.You can download the trial software from the internet for the premium version. The basic version is FREE as long as you use this service. The advantage of having the premium version is you can do auto-follow once the person validate their account on twitter.

2. Do you want to follow people who actually not even following you back? If you care about this you might want to check ManageFlitter a free software that you can download from the internet. When you signup for this software it will help you sort out the list of people that you are following and they are not following you back. The list is very comprehensive, it has the name, the pictures of the person/ account. You can then select manually or automatically to un-follow them and clear them out of your list. You can also go to the next filter like inactive account, account without picture etc. It is very easy and simple to use.

3. Do you organize your tweets? Do you classify them and group them so it is easier for you to read the information coming from them? If you are not only reading your home-feed only, this tool is good for you. If you list the people your following for certain purpose try Listomatic. This free application help you manage your list. You can easily toggle your list on the screen and double click to move the friend account from one list to another list. Rename the list and set the list for public or private. All from here! and what i love the most, it allows you to send one direct message to the list member. However every message only limited to 250 accounts. The list is very straight forward and easy to use.

4. Do you randomly keep adding friend account as your following OR keep adding list in order to avoid the increase number on the following, because you just want to read everything related to a certain topic or keywords. If you do this! you will end up with too many many disorganized tweets on your home page or list page. How I handle this? I use HootSuite. This is a free application from the internet as well and you can download it to your mobile phone as well. It can be linked directly to your Facebook, Twitter and few other social media base. With this application you can streaming your incoming tweets. You can set them based on your profile pages i.e homefeed, directmessage, senttweets, retweets OR based on your lists OR based on the keywords. I like the last, because I can read almost every incoming related to specific words or topic without adding them into my following or list. I can read them on screen and retweet them and even share it with my other social media account like Facebook. You can also send scheduled tweets, Facebook status or your blogpost back to your twitter with this application. This is application is very powerfull and easy to use.

With this 4 FREE applications from the internet, i help make my life easy and enjoyable of having twitters around. I hope the same for you too.