:: Omiyage from Hubby ::

Omiyage is japanese word means gifts/souvenirs. I got these 2 most awaited items that support my new hobby of scrapbooking and photography. The book of Food Photography by @ditut a friend from Instagram. It’s a collaboration books of her and few of her other friends.

the other thing i got is the polaroid camera with this camera we can actually do some real scrapbooking and photography journal. me and my daughter we both enjoy crafting and making our journal pretty with stickers and other paper decorations.

check out this cute video for Instax mini 25

beautiful video …. enjoy your Sunday all! Laters

Sunday is HERE!

living in singapore time flies very fast! 24 hours just gone unnoticed sometimes. the busy schedule, keeping up with our roles for me particularly as a mother and housewive, the clock keeps ticking without mercy at all. despite all of that, i still try hard to squeeze my times to do the things i love. there are few things i LOVE the most on my spare time.

these things DO make me smiles! looking at creative and pretty works all around during my browsing times. i usually glance through and browse fast when come to internet. i enjoy something light and bring out HAPPY mood. i usually LOVE …*winks to skip things that sounds pretty serious and heavy weight. for me personally i will find these stuffs from my reading through the books and newspaper!

i used to spend serious times in Social Media and instead boost up my days it demotivate me. reading and browsing unhappy things and negatives feed back i found out there. it is not that i did not try to see things in reality! but as a MUM … i have to stay positive, cheerful and see everyday as a BRIGHT start to help give a good motivation for my family.

so once again …. this is a social media for me! i utilize it for my benefit in order to keep me going on running everyday LIFE. LIFE is about choices and options, we choose the BEST to keep up on toes. Mine might be different from you … nothing is correct is all preferences and very subjective.

thank you for reading my post! cheers … happy SUNDAY! and let me share with you what i found through my browsing that will definitely make you {SMILE}.