:: Instagram ::

allright i am closed to my 6th month in Instagram now. This is quite a long time to be consistently active in there. Bare in mind photography was never my things, it is a brand new things for me to do. Instagram makes me love it even more.

i learn, explore and be inspired from Instagram. I love to explore and go beyond my comfort zone to try out new creativity. Honestly, our taste in Instagram grows as we stay longer there. We improve and learn more from other users too.

I found this video about Instagram! It is a fun video …. check it out …

take care all!!!! this is on my mission to do one post each day! when the mood is good i might do more …. :p

:: Do you know RETRO hair style is back ::

Source: etsy.com via Refine on Pinterest



they are everywhere! i see them popping up on almost every fashion blogs, magazines and social media platform that discussed about fashion. i myself have not given a try for it. first of all, i am not really into hair-spraying … LOL! i just don’t feel comfortable with the feeling of my hair being sticky after i sprayed. There are some information out there to actually looking for the non sticky base spray, but i don’t have a time yet to actually hunting for it. i might …

check bellow some tutorial on how to make this beehive style of hair with the bandana on it.



and look the video i found from youtube …

and finally enjoy the cute fashion video by Charlotte Taylor. i just adore her fashion taste, it is colourful, rich with pattern and very very RETRO … enjoy! and Happy Wednesday all!